Artist Statement
How many of us have questioned our very existence for feeling like we don't belong? Some of us feel like we never fit in anywhere-not in our family, community, or culture. No matter how much we try to conform, we always feel out of place.
I've always been drawn to painting portraits and the female figure to demystify myself through “her” and work out my relation to humanity, especially femininity in a world that wants to bury it. When gardening became a prevalent practice, I started painting flowers and creating what I like to call “gardenscapes”, to capture Nature's fleeting cycles. As I learned more about Nature and its’ cycles, I discovered that those rhythms exist in me as well. When I made this connection, acknowledged, and honored my cycles by living my life accordingly, I finally felt at home in myself, in my body, and in the world.
My art seeks to illustrate the powerful harmony that comes from a connection between us and nature. The images I create are sometimes observations from life, imagination, or both. Using color and impressionistic painting, it’s my intention to create images as otherworldly as the mysteries of our existence but also familiar enough to awaken something that already exists within.